The City of Moreton Bay estimates that there are more than 29,000 small businesses supporting 140,000 jobs in our region! Now a small business is generally classified as one who has a turnover of less than $25 million with no more than 50 employees. However, to us small business owners, we know that each of these 29,000 businesses is someone’s dream, their reason to get up, where they make money to support their family and care for those who they employ, who in turn support their family from their job.

Running a small business regardless of how many people you employ is a big responsibility and often challenging. We are often the marketer, the seller, the networker, the supplier, the bookkeeper, the administrative assistant, manager, and leader! Each one of those roles alone can feel like a full-time job. Then somewhere in that mix we are supposed to have a balance of work and life that includes time for family, friends, health and exercise, holidays and sleep.

I found it is physically and mentally exhausting trying to know everything about everything!

The greatest lesson I have learnt as a SME over the last year is that there is excellent help out this if I have the courage to ask for it!
When I dropped my ego long enough to reach out, I found some amazing new knowledge and support ready to help me.
I can honestly say, having asked for help over the last 6 months, while not easy, it has allowed me to start running the business in a way that I knew was possible. Now with the right tools and the knowledge, I am running a successful business and sleeping well at night!

Resources I found helpful:


The Chamber – Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Networking and really talking to people that do business in my backyard has allowed me to learn and to explore opportunities that I would have never seen by myself. Going to a mingle or a meeting can be the start of something great.

Small Business Wellness Coaching Team:

This is a free and confidential coaching and wellbeing support service for small business owners in Southern Queensland. The Wellness coaches work in timeframes to suit what you need, and you are not locked into any contracts. They have out of hours appointments and work via face to face, phone, or video chat.
Phone: 1300 732 777

Rural & Small Business Financial Counselling Service of Southern Queensland.

A free, impartial, confidential planning and support service. This service offers mentoring, assistance in dealing with Government agencies such as ATO. They offer a pair of fresh eyes and can offer long or short-term support regarding business improvement and opportunities.
Phone: 1300 732 777

Lastly, if you can, work with a Business Coach. There are well qualified and experienced coaches who, with you, will examine and tweak your mindset, processes and a few self-limiting beliefs. Business Coaches are a tax-deductible expense and well worth the financial and mental investment.

If you want to chat about my experiences or the available resources and support, do not hesitate to reach out to me direct on 0487 844 603 or email on

Warm regards,
Tanya Fisher from Redcliffe Employee Wellness Services

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