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I help people find and live their purpose sooner by teaching proven strategies to break through limitations, establish positive habits, and cultivate meaningful relationships.

I have spent my life as an educator and coach and I wish I had 50 cents for every person who has told me that, “I usually know what to do, but I just don’t do what I know”. I call that “the knowing-doing gap” and it sabotages personal, business, and career plans day by day. I know of only two ways to overcome this debilitating procrastination, and I coach one of them.

I help people and organisations to thrive, by exploring the conditioning that causes them to behave as they do, even when they “know better”.

I deliver proven strategies to quickly and effectively change paradigms that are not serving them well by addressing the cause (poor thinking, bad habits, limiting beliefs) rather than the symptoms. Helping people develop positive habits that transform their performance and results is a specialty.

A keynote speaker, I am passionate about helping people get their best work into the world sooner and I use stories & humour to illuminate the teaching I provide.

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Clontarf Beach, Qld 4019 Australia

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