How to Create Good Mental Health in your Workplace by Tanya Fisher

Mental health is a vital part of our wellbeing that affects your staff’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Staff mental wellness can be affected by many factors at work, such as stress, deadlines, conflicts, or feeling a lack of support. Therefore, it is important for employers and employees to promote, protect and encourage positive mental wellness in the workplace.

Sadly, many workplaces have great posters, or a mental health plan that is rolled out, but they are often reactive rather than proactive. However, let me tell you, truly, these well-meaning work “Mental Health programs” are often viewed with cynicism, tokenistic and sometimes anger in the face of poor practice and ‘tick a box mentality’ when an issue does occur.

Some ways to do this are:

  • Create a positive and supportive work culture that genuinely values diversity and inclusion.
  • Provide flexible work arrangements for workers with mental health conditions when possible.
  • Create a stigma-free environment where mental health is discussed openly, and seeking help is encouraged.
  • Freely supply access to mental health resources, training, and counselling services.
  • Manage the risks that can harm a worker’s mental health, by having a zero-tolerance policy about any type of bullying and/or harassment.


By taking these proactive steps, workplaces can become more mentally healthy.

Remember, your staff’s mental health and wellness matter. There are great free online resources for business owners and employees from Beyond Blue and Ahead for Business.

Nobody is alone but when you are in the middle of the battle to work out how to present Mental Health to your staff do not hesitate to reach out for help. I can and will support you to find good resources and services that will support you as you work to create a psychologically safe environment for your staff.

Tanya from Redcliffe Employee Wellness 0487 844 603.

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